A family business

Motsomi is a family business owned by Pieter and Ria Potgieter. Pieter and Ria both being nature lovers and Pieter being an avid hunter decided to share their love for the African bush with people equal in their passion for nature.The sole purpose of Motsomi Safaris is giving our clients an unbelievable African hunting experience and to welcome them back as friends.

Pieter “I am passionate about what I do and being a hunter since the age of 6, would love to share my experience with you. I know what goes through a hunter`s mind, what the thrills like, being a bow and rifle hunter myself. I will help you achieve your goals!”

Location of Motsomi Safari Lodge

Motsomi Safaris Main Lodge is situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa and is approximately 3.5 hours drive from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. You need no connecting flights upon entering South Africa. Close to the Botswana Border, it joins the well known Madikwe Game Reserve, home to the Big Five, cheetah and wild dog, with 200 000 acres of unspoilt bushveld. We operate mainly in Malaria free areas with concessions of more than 250 000 acres in prime hunting areas, with lots of different species of game and some of the best trophy animals near the end of their natural life, prime trophies to be taken by a proud and ethical hunter. Bring your weapon of choice bow, black powder, handgun or rifle.

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Frequently asked questions:

Generally speaking, no special vaccinations or inoculations are required coming into South Africa.We hunt mainly in a Malaria free environment except for our Sable Lodge, and if the need arises to move into a malaria area, you will be informed well in advance. Tap water is safe through most of the country, but some visitors prefer to drink the many excellent local bottled or imported mineral waters that are readily available.

Sleeping pills are highly recommended. With the change in time zones and jet lag, you`re body will require two or more days in Africa to adapt. The African sun can be dangerous, so wear a hat and use the right sun block.

Africa has a wide range of climate zones, although generally it may be considered to have a moderate climate. Chilly mornings, warm/sunny days and cool evenings are normal with a possibility of rain but very unlikely. Hunting is mostly done during the winter months from April to October, so you`ll be dealing with temperatures between 10°C/50°F and 32°C/100°F.

Crime and security in South Africa are much debated both locally and by the international media. The answer is YES. Motsomi will not take you to any hot spots and out in the bush there is virtually no crime at all.

It depends on the game being hunted. We hunt mostly in acacia type thick bushveld with lots of thorn trees and Marula trees and sometimes hilly terrain to more open terrain with occasional trees.

It would be used for some of the meals in the lodge; the rest would be used by the staff or local people, or processed for the consumer market. Nothing gets wasted not even the intestines.

The South African currency is the Rand. It is divided into cents. It is advisable, as it is anywhere in the world, to use travellers checks as far as possible and not to carry too large amounts of cash. All major travellers` checks are widely exchangeable, including American Express and Thomas Cook. All major credit cards are also usable, including American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Most major banks exchange traveller`s cheques for cash. ATMs (Automatic Teller machines) are virtually everywhere for credit card use, and there are Bureau de Change in all airports and major centers. Motsomi accepts travellers checks, cash, credit cards(preferably VISA) and bank drafts as payment. Remember that the South African Rand is a fairly volatile currency and the exchange rate tends to change on a daily basis.

All our lodges have electricity either permanent or supplied by a solar system or generator. The current is 220/240 volts and adapter plugs will be provided for electrical appliances. Please ensure your chargers etc are adaptable.

Yes, but no more than one firearm per calibre and 200 rounds per calibre per client will be allowed into the country per person. More than one shotgun of the same calibre may be allowed for bird hunting purposes if the client produces on arrival an acceptable written motivation as to why he/she requires more than one shotgun of the same calibre.