610 909 9635

“Once again you have made this an amazing and memorable experience for our family.  The attention to detail and flexibility to handle cancelled flights and itinerary changes.  This was our fifth but was the first time for the other 8 members of our family to enjoy the Motsomi experience.  This was a dream that we had, to share our love of Africa, with our family.  Almost forgot the hunting: varied lists, changes daily and during the day.  What can I say, 23 total animals?  We always come and feel like family.”

314 952 4132

“I did not think it’s possible that my safari hunting with Motsomi could get better, but this year was a new level of joy and amazement. Beautiful animals with fair chase and hunting with friends. I hunted with Motsomi the last three years and will return to Africa to hunt every year – and each and every hunt will be with Motsomi. Hunts in 2019 and Tanzania 2020 already booked!”

rfgalada@dejazzd.com – 610 220 4981

“Motsomi gave me the greatest Hunting Experience of my life. Pieter, Ria and family were the most gracious hosts you will ever have. You become “family” within a day. Zach’s cooking was excellent. I have hunted for more than 50 years yet my PH (Dirk) showed me how to relax and become a much better hunter in just a few days. Words cannot express such a wonderful trip. Can’t wait to bring my family back for the next trip.”

307 421 2767

“Thanks once again for the great safari. From the start of the hunt to the trip through Kruger Park, everything was first class.

My 3rd trip could not have been better. Zach’s cooking was just as good as I remembered.

Already planning my return trip (4th)

This was our sixth year with Motsomi…what a fantastic year and a spectacular hunt. Rod had an unbelievable hunt for a 44″ dagga boy with Pieter. Julie had an even more exciting archery hunt for a Sable and Roan with Marco (think charging Sable at 13 yards)! As always it was wonderful to see you all again and loved hunting with Marco for the first time! We look forward to Tanzania next!

307 266 3583

“When my eyes no longer have vision, my mind will play on the memories I have from Motsomi, the friends & family that have grown upon the time spent together in Africa.

And so, I plan with great excitement my 4th visit with my friends Pieter & Ria.  Be well, be safe, another exceptional trip, I miss you already.”

908 770 6667

“This was my 2nd trip to Motsomi. Pieter and Ria make sure their guests are treated like royalty and ensure a fabulous stay. I’ve dreamt of bow hunting cape buffalo my entire life and Marco and Motsomi made it happen! It was an amazing adventure!”

“Great place, lots of game, good lodges, the food is excellent, and Pieter, Marco and staff are top notch – would highly recommend. Made lots of new friend, this may be my best safari yet. Can’t wait to come back.”

303 791 6386

“Our Motsomi Safari experience was so much more than we ever expected.  For years we have read the reviews written by guests and hunters, however, it was not until we experienced it for ourselves that we truly understood the reviews that had been written. Everyone on Pieter’s staff, especially the trackers, are trained to provide the hunters with an experience of a lifetime. After a very successful hunt, we enjoyed touring Kruger National Park with Pieter and Zac.   We are looking forward to another Motsomi Safari experience and spending time again with our new friends. “

610 481 5700

Returning to hunt with Motsomi Safaris for my second time was like visiting old friends. Pieter, Ria and the rest of the Motsomi staff are always welcoming, gracious and provide exceptional service. From the wonderful accommodations, to the warm discussions and laughter by the fire at the end of each day. This has been a truly memorable adventure. Looking forward to our next time together. Please keep doing what you do.  I am in awe of the effort, service, and quality of all parts of my safari with Motsomi.

“There really are no words to describe this experience.  Amazing from start to finish – the attention to detail, flexibility, personal touches, top notch food, hunting, PH’s, trackers, staff, etc.!  We already knew after a few days that we would be back.  To top it all off we were able to be here with our entire family…and what’s better than that ?!?

Thank you again for welcoming us into your “home” and treating us like family.”

916 416 9878

“Second time hunting at Motsomi , just as amazing as the first. I got to hunt with Marco the first two days and what a pleasure. Marco also helped find my Eland. Pieter and Ria do everything first cabin. Mary and I will be back in 2020.”


“Pieter & Ria: I want to tell you that your recommendation of Marco could not have been any truer. Marco and his team have been fantastic. From tracking and culinary delights by Grace, to the animals we hunted. Five stars in all counts. More than met our expectations.  The free-range buffalo hunt in Makuya was phenomenal, everything I had read about and watched about on video and more. Sable Lodge and Limpopo View hunting areas were each unique from each other and rewarding to hunt.

Thank you to you at Motsomi. “


“Motsomi Gang,

What a great trip. We saw many new things this time. I know Becky enjoyed herself quizzing Marco, Isaac and Zach. The hunting was fantastic again, even though the honey badger eluded us, it was totally successful. The tours were very educational and a pleasure. We will be back for another adventure with our friends.

This trip topped my earlier trip.  Part of that was I knew what to expect.  Being able to experience more than just hunting was a big reason I was able to convince Becky to come with me and enjoy the experience.  The hunting was fantastic once again.  Becky and I are already doing some preliminary planning for a future trip.”


“Third Safari with Motsomi. Pieter showed this old bow hunter how to have a great adventure with the rifle in the Free State. I took a great Sable at Sable Lodge. I met my wife and son Colt at Nyala Lodge where Colt had his first hunt ever. Two days with a crossbow and three fine trophies. As always at Motsomi, Pieter, Ria, family and staff were five star and well organized. One thing for sure, three trips of a lifetime with Motsomi is simply not enough for this old bow hunter, I must return.”

215 285 7110

“Dear Pieter, and the entire staff at Motsomi

Words can’t describe the experience I had at my 2nd bow hunting safari with you guys. From the second I got there, everything was great. The bow hunting was amazing, from the hundreds of animals I saw every day, to the beautiful areas I got to hunt, to the time I got to spend with every one that is part of Motsomi, to the animals I got to harvest, it was just an amazing bow hunting safari. The way you are treated in every part of the trip from the food, where you sleep, the lodges in general, the way PH’s, trackers ability and knowledge in the bush is just amazing. I have already booked my 3rd trip for next year, and this winter I will be booking my 4th trip. Can’t wait to get back as soon as possible. They make you feel like family when you are there. Thank you all for just such amazing safari in every way possible.

“Thank you for the experience of a lifetime for my family.  Traveling anywhere with children can be a challenge, but Pieter, Ria and the Motsomi Family quickly eliminated all our apprehension, allowing each of us a unique South African experience.  Both of our boys are taking home memories of an amazing trip.  Benjamin, even though he doesn’t hunt, had a great time game watching, target shooting, fishing and swimming in the pool.  Jacob came with his list of animals he wanted to hunt and due to Marco’s exceptional patience and kindness Jacob was able to check many animals of his list.

Jim and I enjoyed hunting, but most of all watching our boys take in and enjoy the Motsomi experience.”

“Pieter and Ria run a first-class operation that exceeded my expectations in every way. From pickup at the airport to drop of a week later, all our needs were met with friendly smiles and authentic care. My professional hunter Marcel as long with his tracker, Jeff and Mot were like my own private concierge team. They attended to my every need and made sure we got every trophy we went after. Marcel was fun Friendly and an excellent coach. He ensured my hunt was successful fun every day! The chef Zac made authentic garment meals for us every day and made sure I ate my favourite dish from the states for me. Enough cannot be said for the amazing overall experience I’ve had here, and I hope I am lucky enough to come back one day.

520 227-9558

“Ria, Peter, PC, the rest of the Motsomi family, Thank you for a wonderful surprise safari. The professionalism and friendliness of everyone was fantastic! Special thanks to Zac for the delicious meals; Ria for the beautiful hand painted tray as a birthday gift and to Pieter, Simon and PC for their patience in helping me achieve springbuck slam in the Free state. Other highlights of the trip were having PC along with his first hippo hunt as a PH spending time with Ria at the lodge and on excursions to the elephant and lion park. Finally, a big thank you to Pieter, PC and Ria for the language lesson answering questions just out of curiosity and their sense of humour. We look forward to seeing you all again and to a long friendship. You are welcome to visit us in Arizona anytime.

Keep up the good work! Motsomi is a tribute to the safari industry.”


“Best hunt ever! Way beyond expectations! Marco and Marcel are outstanding PH’s who were relentless in their pursuit of the plains game. They felt like family by the end of the hunt. If you want to do an African hunt, look no further than Motsomi!”

Sam Eathington – MI, USA – Rifle hunter- 314 603 2170

Rodger & Jackie Wellenreiter – IN USA – Rifle hunter – 317 459 5721

Matt & Mckenzie Kembel – CO USA- Bow hunter -970 768 2098

Dayton Juras – Alberta, Canada – Rifle hunter – 1 403 872 6333

Steve Moffit – IL US -Rifle hunter – 217652-2460

Nick Giannini – MD USA  – Rifle hunter – 202-438-9552

Mike Hughes – NY USA – Rifle hunter

Dave Drahn – CO USA – Rifle hunter

Christopher Achorn – GH USA – Rifle hunter – 1-603-630-0271

Bob, Carol and Lauren Dunnigan – TX USA – Bow Hunter – 408 398 039

Paul Michel & Sons – CO, USA – Rifle hunter –

Mitch Espinoza – CO, USA – Rifle hunter

George Zoyac (aka Mike) – NJ, USA

Chris Rowe – CO USA – Rifle hunter

Jody & Lorie Fattore – CO USA – Rifle hunter –303 979 1048