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To maximize your hunt of a lifetime in Africa rifle hunting is mostly done on foot or by means of spot and stalk, depending on the client’s ability and the animal being hunted. .30 Caliber or bigger is a good all-rounder for plains game (with at least 60 cartridges) but a minimum of .375 is necessary for Cape buffalo etc. Talk to us about smaller calibers for women and children.

The animals that call the African bush home are tough and there for only premium grade bullets must be used, Barnes X is always a winner.

Importation of firearms are made easy by pre-arranging your importation permit, which we will help you with.

Read information on bringing my own rifle

What about bringing my own rifle ?

For a minor fee PHASA will have your rifle importation permits done before you arrive which we strongly recommend. This is an easy process. Below is a brief summary of what you will need to have your permit pre-approved. Hunters bringing firearms into South Africa for hunting purposes should download a copy of the Temporary Firearm Import Application -SAP 520 and complete this form before arrival in South Africa. How to fill out the SAP 520 This is essential to help streamline the entry process. The form must be completed in black ink.

Required along with the SAP 520 will be the following:

  1. Notarized Passport copy
  2. Airline Ticket
  3. Notarized Proof of Ownership of firearm, eg. legal licence, permit, certificate, authorization or any other documentary proof confirming lawful possession of the firearm: (Certified as a true copy)
  4. Copy of Invitation letter from your Hunting Outfitter.

Al the above documentation need to be scanned and emailed to  Tersia du Plooy at phasa@phasa.co.za or Ria at ria@motsomi.com.

Scanned, readable documentation not bigger than 4MB can be emailed.  PHASA needs the following documents at the latest 25 days prior to your arrival.


A. $160.00 USD per applicant.

B. PHASA accepts credit card payments and bank transfers. (Request the authorization form from PHASA)

For more information regarding the application visit https://www.phasa.co.za/legislation/firearms/firearms-import-permits/pre-issued-permits.html

This information is necessary for the actual Temporary Import Permit, as well as if the police need to be in contact with you for any reason. Firearms will be physically inspected to ensure the serial numbers match those of the licenses and the application forms. Ammunition will also be inspected, and it is important to note that this ammunition also requires a permit.

Also, please ensure that your firearms arrive on the same flight as you do. You and no one else may sign for your firearms. Please do not pay for any service regarding the handling of a firearm at the airport, this is a free service . Please note however that there is a handling fee charged by airlines and/or security companies for the handling of handguns. Temporary Import Permits are issued for a period of 90 or 180 days. When you depart from the country, you MUST take all your firearms as stated on the Import Permit with you. Permits will only be issued for ammunition that is accompanied by a firearm of the same caliber. Temporary Import Permits will not be issued for anyone under the age of 21.

May I bring more than one rifle/shotgun ?

Yes, but no more than one firearm per calibre and 200 rounds per calibre per client will be allowed into the country per person. More than one shotgun of the same calibre may be allowed for bird hunting purposes if the client produces on arrival an acceptable written motivation as to why he/she requires more than one shotgun of the same calibre.

Download Shot Placementon African Game

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